International Links

International Focus

During the year we hold specific weeks that have an International Focus. There have been additional books purchased for the library to show a multicultural world. Many of the classes have links with schools in other countries that help the children develop an understanding of the world. The school has achieved the International School Award- Intermediate level.


Hexham First is working towards becoming a Fairtrade school. In March 2014 we gained the first award in the process and we are now a Fairaware School.

During Fairtrade Fortnight we take part in a schools art project with the other schools in Hexham. Each year we have a different theme based on Fairtrade products. These have included bananas, coffee and rice. Our art work is displayed in Hexham Abbey during Fairtrade Fortnight. A group of children from the Fairtrade Group attend Hexham Abbey to take part in a celbration event together with children from all the other schools in Hexham.

British Council – eTwinning Project

During the Spring Summer term 2018 Hexham First School are working with a school in Northern Ireland and a school in Ireland. We are also working with a school in Sunderland. Children in all four schools are learning the same song – ‘A Million Dreams’ and will be making artwork inspired by this song.

More details coming soon.


The children have been sending e-mails to a school in Santa Rosa, Argentina.


Children have been sending e-mails to the class teacher and children in the Briish School in the Hague. The children have been very excited each time they recieve an e-mail. In December the children in Holland told the children in Class 1 about Sinterklaas, he rides a horse and leaves the chidlren chocolate in the shoes that they leave out for him. The teacher In Holland sent photographs of Sinterklaas and his helpers visiting the school in Holland.


Children are beginning to send e-mails to a school in Tanzania. This is a small, rural school. We are intending to discover all about the different animals that live near the school and homes of the children. The teacher sent Miss Noon this photo that was taken near their school.


Class 1 has taken part in a British Council Connecting Classrooms Project. The children found out a ‘Day in the life’ of a child in a school in Palestine. The children looked at photographs and could see similarities and differences between the two schools. They noticed that in both schools the children had a parachute and enjoyed gardening.