School Uniform


We encourage all children at Hexham First to wear school uniform. We believe it is more economical for parents and gives children a sense of belonging and pride.
Our school uniform consists of:
  • grey or black trousers / pinafore / skirt
  • royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • white polo shirt or blouse
  • blue checked / striped dress for summer
  • black shoes or trainers (flip flops, slip-on sandals, heels or crocs are not allowed for safety reasons)
  • PE kit. This should include a school t-shirt, black  / blue shorts and a pair of plimsolls.
Jewellery, apart from a watch, must not be worn in school. Earrings must be removed for school for safety reasons. No responsibility is accepted for the safe keeping of any jewellery, the care of such items remains totally with the owner. The policy is well supported by parents. If you intend your child to have a piercings carried out, then it would be appropriate for this to be done at the beginning of the summer holiday, when the six week period would allow the pierced body part to settle down before returning to school. 
No extreme haircuts or hairstyles please During term time pupils are asked not to have fashion hairstyles which include: shaved, dyed or streaked hair, beading, patterns, mohawks, lines and tramlines or hairstyles where the sides are much shorter than the top.
Please also be reminded that pupils are not permitted to wear nail varnish unless this is clear.

School sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, t-shirts and coats can be purchased via the link at the bottom of this page. Also available are book bags, satchels and PE kit. 

Please clearly name all items of clothing which are bought to school. No responsibility is accepted for the safe keeping of personal property.

Here is the link to our school supplier