P.E. Allocation

We have successfully achieved Silver in our Youth Sports Trust Quality Mark!

School Sports Premium

At Hexham First School we believe that physical education is a vital and unique contributor to our children’s physical health and well-being and aim to provide all of our children with high quality physical activity experiences that will lead to lifelong participation and fitness.

For the current school year we continue to be fully committed to using the government funding to its optimum. We will continue to provide high quality PE lessons within our school taught by our own class teachers, a specialist PE teacher and external sports coaches. We will also strive to improve upon the number of opportunities we can give our children to be involved in and compete within competitive sports, to be part of out of school sports and to experience different sports in positive and memorable sports festivals and events.

To see our planned provision for PE funding this academic year (2018-19) – please take a look at our PE Funding plan available on this page.

Information below gives historical content of how PE funding was spend in previous academic years.

PE Funding Investment 2016-2017

This academic year we have been awarded £8467 for the PE allocation. We have identified the best way in which to invest this money for the benefit of our pupils to meet their specific needs in PE lessons and in sports clubs. The teachers and support staff will also have opportunities to observe and team teach with the PE specialists. The cost of our specialist package for the year is £6000 which gives us two specialists for a full day, including a lunch time and after school club. While one specialist teaches the class our other is working with a small group delivering specific skills to help develop fine and gross motor skills. Autumn term swimming intervention cost £500.

Spring Term 2017

During spring term classes are continuing with their specialist PE lessons on Wednesdays. On Mondays years 1 to 4 are having yoga classes.

We continue with our after school PE club on Wednesdays. KS1 and 2 alternate every half term.

Autumn term classes


Year 1-Fundamentals

Year 2-Gymnastics

Year 3 -Multi-skills

Year 4-Football

Year 3/4 – small group swimming intervention

We are running after school club football for years 3 and 4. The club has got off to a great start and we are definitely noticing that it has helped refresh children with ‘positive’ attitudes towards team sports and it’s helping them learn to work together and respect rules. Our clubs are very popular and always have full attendance, with a waiting list, which is a brilliant way to start the autumn term with such enthusiasm. The lunch time multi skills club has had children from KS1 and 2 taking part in games.

We are running intervention groups alongside PE lessons with the support of our PE specialist Paul and the class teacher. This will specifically address individual needs and skills. This will also support work being done in nurture groups across the school.

New P.E Equipment

We have purchased over £1000 worth of lovely new equipment for PE. We have bought a nice new nursery kit of goodies for our nursery children to play with. Our PE cupboard is well stocked and the resources are invaluable, being used in daily PE lessons. It’s also great to see how excited the children are about using the new equipment.

Swimming Intervention

We are providing a swimming group intervention for a number of children in Years 3 and 4 on a Thursday afternoon. We have identified a number of children from each class as needing some swimming support. This intervention is to help make them feel more confident in the water for when they start class swimming lessons in the spring term.

Swimming Intervention Impact

We ran a swimming intervention during the autumn term. The results have been excellent and it has made a significant impact to the children who took part in these sessions. The children were selected from Years 3 and 4. We wanted children who perhaps weren’t confident swimmers or those had never swam to have time to learn in a small group. The children have enjoyed these sessions and are so proud of their swimming achievements. The swimming instructors have reported that 75% of the children who attended have achieved either an ‘I can swim badge or a 5 metre badge’ which is a fantastic result.

Lorraine our swimming instructor commented that “children were excited and happy with their achievement. They have all gained confidence and their self esteem has improved greatly. They have been given the basics of a life skill. They have developed their personal awareness and care.”

How improvements made in PE are sustainable

We have secured this plan for PE for the next year and beyond as long as the PE allocation continues. Our children benefit greatly from the specialist input into PE lessons and the way they address individual needs. We have seen children in the intervention groups being able to concentrate for longer periods of time and their team work skills across all lessons are improving greatly. Staff alike are being upskilled in areas of the PE curriculum and learning new ways to deliver lessons. There is a real ‘buzz’ in lessons where children are very excited and engaged in their learning. Staff have noticed an improvement in children’s listening and attention in PE lessons and they are always very excited to participate in their PE lessons.

PE funding 2015/16

We have received £8467 for 2015/16, we have used this money to improve the teaching of PE by having a number of PE specialists to teach the children and for CPD for the staff.

Spending 2015/16

Autumn term

Year 3 and 4 – Football (Simon Ricketts)
Year 3 and 4 – Gymnastics (Simon Ricketts)
KS1 and KS2 – Multi-skills after school club (Simon Ricketts)
Spring term
Year 1 and 2 – Gymnastics (James Ellison)
KS2 – Gymnastics after school club (James Ellison)
Summer term
Year 1 and 2 – Games (James Ellison)
Year 1 and 2 – Yoga
Year 3 and 4 – Cricket (Thomas Cant)
KS1 – Multi- skills after school club (James Ellison)
KS2 – Golf club (James Ellison)
KS2- Bus to QEHS Multi – Skills Festival

Throughout the year the children have taken part in a number of inter-school competitions and sporting events where they have been able to apply skills and techniques taught in PE lessons. This has raised the profile of PE within school and the local community. Children are engaging in lessons and have a more ‘ I can attitude’. Staff are more confident in their delivery of PE lessons.

PE Funding 2014/15

We have received £8555 for 2014/2015. We have invested in Tynedale Schools Sports Partnership which. The cost for this programme is £6000.

TSSP offers school:

Six week blocks of P.E and sport teaching from qualified P.E. teachers or sport specialist coaches.
Provide six professional development opportunities in P.E. throughout the year.
Provide six, one hour, after school clubs or lunchtime clubs from qualified P.E. teachers or sport specialist coaches and where possible link with Change 4 Life Programme.
Improve and develop links with local community sports clubs and National Governing Bodies.
Provide a minimum of six festivals throughout the academic year at central venues.
Provide local festivals based on school size and cluster groups.
Provide an appropriate framework of competitions that are inclusive to all pupils of all abilities.
Provide age appropriate leadership training and volunteering opportunities.
Access additional funding and resources to compliment a bespoke programme with regular monitoring and evaluation.
Provide a network and communication system within a cluster area and the whole county.
Deliver a high quality and professional service, tailor made to your school.
Provide appropriate and relevant information to meet Ofsted criteria.
Provide additional teaching and support material via an exclusive SSP website.
We hope to enhance P.E. opportunities and accelerate learning by:

Creating clear, shared learning journeys for each child.
Providing quality personalised opportunities in Physical
Shifting responsibility towards the learner.
Teacher led activities leading to child led.
Children being empowered as independent learners.
Impact: -Children will learn key skills in specific sports, games and become more physically able.
They will work as individuals and learn to work as part of a team.
Be part of competitions and out of school sports events.
They have been very successful at the ‘Skipping festival’ and ‘swimming gala’
The children feel successful with their achievements.
Improving their agility, balance and coordination.
They learn how to deal with ‘fair competition’ and aspects of winning and losing.
Know how to lead a healthy lifestyle and make healthier choices.
Teachers will be up skilled in the delivery of PE.
Teachers more confident in delivery bespoke PE lessons.

Spending 2015

Tynedale Schools Sports Partnership- £6000, REAL P.E scheme for KS1- £150, PE equipment boxes -£120, 6 hours of supply techer cover for attending PE courses.

We have specialist P.E lessons in ‘Gymnastics’ for Years 3 and 4 during the Spring term. Children in Years 3 and 4 will continue with swimming lessons at the Wentworth and Year 2 will join them in the summer term.

Children from Classes 3 and 4 are taking part in ‘Multi sports’ sports club on Wednesdays 3.20pm to 4.20pm.

Summer Term 2015

On Friday mornings, reception, Yr1 and Yr2 are having specialist lessons in athletics this half term. Years 1 and 2 are also attending the after school sports club on Wednesdays 3.15-4.15pm. They are enjoying learning skills in balance, agility and coordination They are working on their ball skills. This club iswel attended with all 20 places taken.


There has been an increased uptake in the number of children attending after school sports clubs by 50%. The children attending the clubs vary from term to term and there has been a huge increase of KS1 children attending a club after school, as there were limited clubs on offer to KS1 for PE and sport previous to this offer.

There is a real enthusiasm for PE and Sport across the whole school from pupils and teachers. Children are having opportunities to enter inter/intra school competitions within the Tynedale area and further afield with School Games. We look forward to the summer term with lots of sporting events ahead: School Olympic sports, sports day, Y3 &4 QHES multiskills, TSSP competitions and school games.

Spending -2013-2014

Tynedale Sports Partnership- £6000 P.E Benches-£579.90 PE gymnastic mats- £780 New PE equipment- £503 Cricket ‘Chance to Shine’ coaching- £250 Transport to PE Event – £79 Total spent- £8191.90 Autumn 2014