Mental Health and Well being

At Hexham First School we strive to promote the mental health and well being of all of our pupils, staff and families through a whole school approach. We believe that mental health and wellbeing is the basis for a happy and successful life at school and beyond. Wellbeing plays a key role in our school ethos, promoting good mental health and well being is at the heart of our curriculum and guides our school policies and procedures.  We strive to improve the wellbeing of our children and staff in everything we do, seeking to build resilience, identify and monitor concerns, and support children and families who face challenges. By creating an environment that is both caring and challenging, encourages risk while permitting failure, and provides opportunities to step out of their comfort zone, we seek to develop resilience in our children. Alongside a varied curriculum, encouraging all our children to take part in activities such as music, drama, art and sports, allows them to gain experience from which we hope they learn, develop and grow as individuals. We also look to develop resilience through:
  • PSHE lessons, in which we discuss topics such as choices, friendships and relationships.
  • Whole-school assemblies, in which external experts speak to children on issues such as E Safety, bullying and keeping safe.
  • Nurture sessions for vulnerable children

Over the coming months, this section of our website will be further enhanced to support children and families to have positive mental health. If you have any questions or you would like to talk please contact Mrs Overton or Mrs Crow.

The links below  provide quality-assured information, advice and resources to help understand and promote children’s mental health and wellbeing. Our aim is to increase staff, pupil and parents knowledge and confidence to help support each other.
There is also a section relating specifically to Coronavirus, with suggestions on how to support your child at home.