R. E.

We aim to develop a child’s knowledge and awareness of themselves, other people, their world and issues and dilemmas they may face. We aim to develop the child’s confidence and their abilities in a caring and sharing environment. We promote moral and social education which aims to foster the values of respect, honesty, trust, truth and fairness. Children have opportunities to explore the Christian faith and other world religions.

It is a statutory requirement that R.E. is taught. Our programme for R.E is based on the Northumberland Agreed Syllabus.
There is a daily act of collective worship as required by law. Worship involves the Head Teacher, teachers, children and local clergy. We also have frequent visits from members of our community such as prayer groups and leaders from other religious denominations. Parents have the right according to Section 9 of the 1988 Education Act to remove their child from acts of collective worship or R.E. lessons. Parents are asked to contact the Head Teacher if they wish to exercise this right
In the autumn term, we welcomed a Jewish Faith Representative into school. Our visitor talked to Year 1 and Year 2 about Shabbat. Together, we helped to set the table ready for the special meal. We tasted Challah bread which was made by Mrs Clarke. It was delicious! We then had a whole school assembly. Our visitor spoke to the children about Rosh Hashanah. We learnt that a Shofar is sounded during Rosh Hashanah and we also learnt that it is the Jewish year 5782. After assembly, we all tasted apples dipped in honey. In class, the children all made Rosh Hashanah cards. 
In autumn term, we celebrated Diwali by learning an Indian inspired dance. The children had lots of fun!