School Uniform

We encourage all children at Hexham First to wear school uniform. We believe it is more economical for parents and gives children a sense of belonging and pride. Our uniform policy was amended and reviewed in July 2022, a link to the policy is attached.
If you are having difficulty getting uniform, please pop in and chat as we almost always have a stock of good quality pre - loved items available for free.


  • Grey / black trousers / pinafore / skirt ( not leggings, jeggings)

  • royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with or without school logo

  • white polo shirt or blouse

  • In warm weather, children are encouraged to wear grey shorts or blue checked dress for summer

  • White, black or grey socks/tights

  • Practical plain black flat school type shoes  / trainers or flat sandals in summer. Sling back, flip flops, mules, heeled shoes, slip-on sandals, crocs are not appropriate.

  • We recommend that your child wears a coat to school in ‘most weathers’. As our climate is quite changeable they often need a coat to warm them at break times.

PE KIT - indoor

  • black or blue shorts 

  • Plain white T shirt - with or without school logo

PE KIT - outdoor

  • plain jogging bottoms ( dark colours are practical)

  • trainers are required for all outdoor games. 

Sports clothes carrying logos; the football strips of various teams and designer sportswear is not allowed to be worn in school at any time.


  • Swim trunks to be worn, no swim shorts

  • One piece swimsuits, no two piece suits

Finally we respectfully request that extreme haircuts or hairstyles are avoided please. During term time pupils are asked not to have extreme fashion hairstyles for example:dyed or streaked hair or mohawks ect.

Jewellery, apart from a watch, must not be worn in school. Earrings must be removed for school for safety reasons. If your child does have their ears pierced, we recommend they wear small clear plastic retainers.  No responsibility is accepted for the safekeeping of any jewellery, the care of such items remains totally with the owner. If you intend your child to have a piercings carried out, then it would be appropriate for this to be done at the beginning of the summer holiday, when the six week period would allow the pierced body part to settle down before returning to school. 


School sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, t-shirts and coats can be purchased via the link at the bottom of this page. Also available are book bags, satchels and PE kit. 

Please clearly name all items of clothing which are bought to school. No responsibility is accepted for the safe keeping of personal property.

Here is the link to our school supplier