Our remote teaching is provided via Google Classroom (KS2) and ClassDojo (KS1, KS2 & EYFS). Through daily teaching videos,  teachers follow a curriculum sequence that mirrors that which children would follow had they been in school. Teaching videos for each lesson provide frequent, clear explanations of new content. Teachers are available throughout the school day via Google Classroom/ClassDojo to answer questions and give further support if required. Subject specific websites are used to support learning - Read Write  Inc for the teaching of reading and White Rose maths for maths lessons.

Children are set daily assignments that are meaningful and ambitious in a range of subject areas in order to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum. The children upload completed work via Google Classroom/Class Dojo. Constructive, individual  feedback is provided by teachers on a  daily basis, in addition to recognition of effort. 

Children are provided with access to online reading books which follow the same progression as those in school.  Packs of ‘real’ books are provided to children where required; these are changed regularly to ensure that no child is without reading material.  Any child who does not have remote access will be provided with a school device to ensure that no child is left without support. 


Video lessons have multiple benefits, including the facility for parents and children to pause and repeat in order to ensure understanding or revisit at a later stage due to a lapse in concentration.   Video lessons also provide families with the flexibility to move timings to suit their own schedules.  


Our staff are fully prepared to move to remote teaching at short notice –  Children know how to log into Google Classroom and use the platform, but if you would like any support, please see the YouTube video below or contact your child's class teacher.


Google Classroom Beginner's Guide

To gain a better understanding of the main features of Google Classroom, see the video below.