Hexham First Nursery, like our school is welcoming, exciting and caring. We make the most of our huge indoor and outdoor environment. . . including the best grassy bank to roll down and excavate! Nursery and Reception aged children both benefit hugely from sharing this calm inspiring environment and Nursery children who move onto Reception with us have a very smooth transition. At Hexham First Nursery, we follow children’s natural inquisitiveness which takes us all on the most incredible learning adventures where staff respond to children’s individual ‘spark’ or interest. We offer a range of packages based upon the needs of families. We are extremely proud of the positive partnership we have with our families and we warmly welcome visits from families who are interested.   



  • High quality provision with qualified teacher led and highly motivated, nurturing staff team
  • A huge indoor and outdoor environment
  • Learning adventures connected to our favourite high-quality stories such as visits to Hexham Market, Garden Centre, shops and the woods
  • Flexible sessions
  • 15 hr and 30 hr places
  • A range of sporting and cultural activities
  • Our fun annual family trip to the seaside
Here is what the children think about Nursery....

“On the market trip, my friend bought an Avocado – we ate it and I liked it”  


"I liked building sandcastles with my Mum, Dad and teachers at the seaside”


“We made lots of food, I loved eating the potatoes we grew”


"I like singing and dancing with my teachers” 


" I like being a wolf in yoga"