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 Welcome to Year 2 - Autumn Term 2022

We have an exciting year planned for the children in Year 2 and we begin with the geography topic called ‘Our school in nine photographs’ The children will develop their geographical understanding and use of geographical vocabulary by using aerial photographs and Google Earth to learn that their school is situated in the town of Hexham within the county of Northumberland. They will be noting important features in their immediate area including the River Tyne, Hexham Hospital and Egger. They will then contrast their immediate area with a school in a different area of England.


After half term we move onto the history topic ‘Transport’ finding out how transport changed throughout the ages.

Our English lessons focus on stories with familiar settings and we will begin to use the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach. The children will become familiar with stories by retelling them and using features to create their own stories. WE will begin with the book ‘Gorilla’ by Antony Browne.

Daily phonics sessions or Vipers lessons will continue where the children work in small groups. It is within these sessions that the children are heard read daily, learning new vocabulary, decoding words, recognising ‘red’ words on sight and developing fluency. The children will bring home a book weekly and I would encourage you to hear your child read at least three times weekly.

We are using a mastery approach to maths teaching, so there will be lots of opportunities to use practical resources. Children will continue to use Numicon and will begin to use Base Ten equipment, Place-Value grids and Part-Whole models to ensure they have a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts. The children will soon be introduced to ‘Times Tables Rock Stars' to learn their times tables – details to follow about this.

Our science lessons allow the children to investigate and carry out simple experiments. Our first topic is ‘Healthy Me’ where the children will be observing how their body changes with exercise, finding out about healthy food as well as importantly during a pandemic how to be safe by finding out about hand washing and how far germs can travel when they sneeze!

In the Autumn Term the children have a weekly PE lesson taught by Mr Brown on Wednesday  and a yoga lesson on Friday

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or queries about ways to support your child.

 Miss B. Noon (Teacher)

Mrs K Keith (Learning Support Assistant)