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Welcome to Hexham First School Early Years Unit!

In Nursery and Reception we have fun exploring, investigating and learning new skills through a variety of play activities. Our broad and balanced curriculum provides opportunities for first hand experiences which enthuse, excite and inspire all children in all areas of learning. Activities are carefully planned in response to the children's own interests as we believe that this is the most effective way to stimulate and support children's own natural curiosity whilst developing key skills and knowledge. Each day we utilise our extensive outdoor provision as free flow learning, ensuring that the children have the opportunity to explore the natural environment.
Please see the termly learning overviews for Nursery and Reception for more details of our planned learning. If you would like to find out more about how we plan for your child’s learning please do not hesitate to chat to a member of Early Years staff.
Class Dojo
We use Class Dojo to share learning and news about the whole class. The class page has very regular photos, news and celebrations that we enjoy sharing with families.  We use the portfolio section of Class Dojo to send you individual 'Wow' moments and photos regarding your child's learning . The children love sharing news from home and you can use the portfolio section on Class Dojo to send photos and news from home that children can share with their class. 

Clothing/P.E. kit
Learning in the Early Years Unit takes place both indoors and outside. Whilst we have lots of spare clothes it is helpful if your child comes to school appropriately dressed for the weather – raincoats, wellies, sunhats and suncream might all be necessary this term!
Reception Class have P.E. with our fantastic specialist Mr Brown. These sessions take place on Wednesdays. We ask that all Reception children either bring in a PE kit on that day or have one in school that they can change at school. PE will take place both inside and outdoors so please ensure that your child has appropriate footwear (trainers or plimsols), shorts/jogging bottoms and a warm top.
Early Reading 
'Never Say No to a story'

Reading is at the very heart of everything we do in the Early Years Unit. Staff in the Early Years Unit all share a passion for children's literature and pride themselves on their ability to bring a book to life! Every child in Nursery and Reception shares a range of high quality picture books through several planned story sessions each day. Our staff are also always available to share books with individual children. Our mantra is 'Never say no to a story' - and we mean it! Children are also introduced to a wide variety of Nursery rhymes, poems and songs. Please support your child by continuing to share books with them – nothing beats a bedtime story!

Children in Nursery begin to develop their phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting skills through a playful and multisensory approach using songs, actions and games. When appropriate, the children will start to become familiar with some grapheme-phoneme correspondences through contextually appropriate text such as names and signs. 

Children in Reception continue to develop their phonological understanding through daily discrete Phonics sessions. At Hexham First we follow the RWI scheme. Lots of information about how we teach Phonics can be found in the curriculum section of the website. Please don't hesitate to speak to staff if you require further information.

Parent Consultations
We have parents evening at Hexham First School twice a year. Nursery and Reception children are very much a part of this. It's a great opportunity to talk to the Early Years team about your child's development and share information between home and school. Each child will have two consultations over the year. Of course if there is anything you would like to discuss anything regarding your child then as always Early Years adults are always available before and after school and we will also respond to emails or Class Dojo portfolio messages. (Please note that email and Class Dojo correspondence will be responded to during school hours)
Autumn Term 2022
What a fantastic start to the Autumn term. 
It has started with lots of things to celebrate and things to look forward to celebrate:
> Settling in and and getting to know each other really well. 
> Remembering or learning our school routines.
> Creating art masterpieces in our 'Every Child An Artist' outdoor art gallery.
> Foraging for apples and blackberries in our school grounds. 
> Making and trying apple and blackberry crumble. 
> Reception have started PE lessons with our fantastic PE specialist Mr Brown.
> Taken part in Yoga sessions with the incredible yoga specialist Anna. 
> Visited our fabulous library and taken books out weekly.
> Celebrated birthdays
> Taken part in 'hoopstars' hula hooping lessons.
> Immersed ourselves in the story 'The Colour Monster' describing our emotions and when we feel them. 
> Nursery have taken part in listening walks and listening activities. 
> Reception have started their Read, Write Inc. phonics sessions. 
> Immersed ourselves in the story 'Owl Babies' acting it out, creating story maps and inventing our own versions. 
> Had a visit from 'The Dogs Trust'
> Read lots and lots of stories.
> Reception have used the 'Sphero' computing resources. 
> Learnt about and celebrated Autumn. 
And had lots of fun!
. . . And it's not even half term yet!
After the October half term break, we look forward to market trips, look closely at bonfire night and remembrance day and get ready for Christmas and Winter. We will think about journeys and maps.
Another fantastic term for us all in Hexham First Early Years Class.