Eco Team

Hexham First Eco team is a child led club involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects. Mrs Overton runs the Eco Club every week and the group decide on what the next environmental priority should be. We also have a litter picking team of children who work with Mrs Moore and Mrs White. We are working towards achieving our first green flag.

For Hexham First to gain a green flag we will complete seven steps which are:

Form an Eco committee

Our Eco team has two representatives from each year group. 

Environmental Review

This is a detailed review that looks at different environmental aspects that Hexham First do or don’t do. There were 10 in total (Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, Marine, School Grounds, Transport, Waste, Water) 

After completing our environmental review the children chose the following topics:

*School grounds



Action Plan

This is completed based on the results of the environmental review.

you will find our Action Plan at the bottom of the page. Please have a look. 

Curriculum Links

The Eco team will make links between the school’s environmental activity and the curriculum. 

Inform and Involve

The Eco team will communicate with the school about what they are doing.

Monitoring and Evaluating

Based on the chosen topics the Eco team will monitor and evaluate if the changes made have had any impact.

Eco Code

The Eco team will create an Eco code for the whole school to follow.


At Hexham First, we have a battery recycling box. a school uniform recycling scheme, a clothing bank, an inl recycling scheme. 

As younger children receive free fruit snacks, occasionally fruit waste has been an issue. Any fruit that is not eaten by the younger children is offered to the older children in KS2. The older children do appreciate an unexpected fruit snack!  


School Grounds

Using the Woodlands Trust's Free Trees scheme, we applied for hedge sapling pack to plant in our Nursery garden. 

In November, the whole school helped to plant the hedge saplings! It was hard word but we managed! Reception are taking care of the saplings by watering them. 



 The children take part in several litter picks of teh school grounds and area local to the school throughout the year.  The Eco team update the rest of the school about the dangers of litter during assemblies.