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Hi and welcome to Year 3!

The class teacher is Miss Harris.


Autumn term



We are starting starting the term by studying the story of Fantastic Mr Fox, by Roald Dahl. 


VIPERS guided reading

Each morning Year 3 take part in a whole-class guided reading session where we learn the skills of comprehending a text. Our current book is The Sheep Pig by Dick-King Smith. In these sessions we learn to explore:








The children answer questions based on these reading skills about the given text.



We are starting the term by exploring Place Value. We will then start to work on our skills in Addition and Subtraction, followed by a stretch on Multiplication and Division. We teach and learn maths through the 'White Rose' programme. We will be using practical resources such as Base 10 and Place Value counters to help us along the way. 



We are learning about 'Forces and Magnets' for our first half term, and in the run up to Christmas we will be exploring 'Rocks, Soils and Fossils'.  



For this first half term, Year 3 join Year 4 for teaching and learning about our local study of 'Egger', in Hexham. This unit ranges in content from identifying different types of wood, to employment types, to using map skills and plotting routes travelled. 



In the second Autumn half term, we will start history lessons exploring the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age- an exciting insight into life before the modern day human. 



Year 3's PE session this term is on a Wednesday afternoon with Mr Brown. Kits need to remain in school until the end of the half term, when they can be taken home. 



Swimming forms Year 3's second PE session of the week - this takes place on a Tuesday afternoon at Wentworth Leisure centre. On a Tuesday the pupils have a slightly earlier lunch and get ready to walk straight down to the swimming pool. Please ensure your child always brings a costume/trunks, a towel and goggles for their swimming lessons. Swimming kits can be taken home to be washed after each session.



Children have a red homework book and also a purple home handwriting book. Spellings set for practising are stuck into reading records. Please encourage your child to complete their homework as it helps a great deal to reinforce recent learning and new skills. 

Wednesday mornings each week and Wednesday afternoons every alternate week are my PPA and ECT non-contact times so lessons will be taught in the morning by Mrs Clark and afternoons by Mrs Moore.

Please do ask if you have any questions or queries about ways to support your child. 


Miss Harris

Class teacher

Reading at home
It is very important that each child is reading 3 or more times a week at home with a grown-up in addition to the times they read at school with a member of staff. Frequent reading will improve reading fluency, build your child's confidence in reading aloud in a 'story-teller's' voice and deepen the comprehension of what they are reading. 

TT Rockstars

Times Tables Rock Stars (

The times tables that the children are required to know by the end of Year 3 are:

2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x, 8x. 

To log in to TT Rockstars at home, simply type it into Google and click on the link. Go to Login (4th option along the top) and click on School pupils. It will then prompt you for the school name, then it will ask you for username and you need to select pin (not password) and enter pin. The children have this information inside their reading records.